Nokia, Samsung and other Favourite Highlights from the MWC2018 so far...

Nokia, Samsung and other Favourite Highlights from the MWC2018 so far...

This may just be the year Nokia makes that comeback for real or we start using our Blackberry phones again!

The 2018 Mobile World Congress holding this year in Barcelona, Spain, is giving us so many tech highlights, we may ignore social media.

For a second.


These are some of the highlights so far:


- Nokia has a whole lot of new phones for us!

The Nokia team announced 5 new handsets- 4 smartphones and the relaunch of an old classic. Yes folks, the 8110 which the cool kids then used to call the 'banana phone' because it had a slightly curved body is back.

This time around, it comes in a 'Banana Yellow' hue, and a Matrix-like black. It was after all, famously used in hit movie, 'Matrix'.


- Samsung might have released the S9 and S9Plus but it is the S10 rumours getting people shook!

Will Samsung switch to a different name for its next smartphone? The rumours are getting louder that this might be so.

Now it seems we have a confirmation from Samsung itself. Sort of.

DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, told reporters that Samsung might not use the existing naming scheme for its next Galaxy S flagship device which is currently being referred to as the Galaxy S10.

Now back to what was really unveiled yesterday- the S9 and S9 Plus boasting improved cameras, fingerprint sensors and new facial recognition and AR technologies.

P.S, we also did get a bit distracted by Banky W's look to the session...


- Blackberry is our ex that really wants to stay (and maybe it is time to let it).

Blackberry's Global General Manager, Francois Mahieu, while speaking with TechRadar, said he feels that Blackberry has established itself and the KeyOne over the past year and will continue to grow the BlackBerry handset brand in the year to come. 


- 5G is ready, according to Ericsson.

The CEO of Ericsson, Borje Ekholm, revealed that Ericsson has signed 38 Memorandums of Understanding with operators and expects to complete some commercial deployments by the end of this year.

This means consumers could be getting low latency, even huger capacity and gigabit speeds sooner than we had anticipated.

- Hello Pop-up Selfie Cameras

In the future that is.

Vivo, a Chinese manufacturer is selling us their view of 'phone of the future' which will have a selfie camera that pops up (why?) and a half-screen fingerprint scanner.

As a concept phone, it is available for viewing at MWC but early testers pf the Apex Concept called the features cool but unpredictable.


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