Instapods to grow your Brand? Here is Why, Who and How

Instapods to grow your Brand? Here is Why, Who and How

With the way Instagram keeps making changes like varying the order in which posts are displayed, every user needs all the help they can get, especially if they use Instagram, and Social Media in general, for business.

Instagram Pods are all the rage now as a way of ensuring that your posts get to your target audience, and get the engagement you would like.

The truth is, the first set of likes or engagement can determine how well the post does so you want to get that attention immediately.

This is where things like InstaPods as they are more commonly known, come in.


WHAT is an Instapod?

An Instagram Pod is like a Whatsapp Group Chat where members work together to help one another grow.

Think of private groups of 10 to 15 Instagrammers with similar audiences; they follow one another, like one another's posts and leave genuine comments. This encourages other followers to also engage with the post.


WHO should be in an Instapod?

Anyone who uses Instagram as an Influencer, or to grow their brand and business.

If you also just care about how well your posts do, Instapods are for you.

While it is more common to see small business owners and individuals in pods, big brands can also create pods by using their social media handlers accounts. That way, the employees are the ones in the pods, notifying one another about new posts.


HOW do you Create or Join an Instapod?

Each Pod has its own rules of engagement but generally, there are 10 to 15 members with varied rules as to minimum likes and comments requirements.

If you want to JOIN one, search on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags, #InstagramPod, #InstaPods or #IGPods. 

Not all pods are open so you will need an invite to the very secret ones (same as with a secret Facebook group for example) but by searching with those hashtags, you see the ones that are more open.


If you want to CREATE one, first decide WHAT kind of Pod you want, set the ground rules and then reach out to 3 or 4 friends or acquaintances.

For it to work, remind everyone the essential responsibilities they have- like one another's posts and leave genuine comments. Users can either turn on post notifications so they know when a new post is on, or users can share their new post with members of the group via dm.

The latter is a bit clumsy especially with a larger group.

Creating a pod is extra work as you will have to monitor each member to ensure compliance, so be sure you have the time to do it or make someone else co-admin with you.


Does it Work?

Some users have credited their increase in engagement to pods and there is evidence to show that the more engagement a post gets, the better it will do in the long run. Other users however have claimed there has been no improvement or the increase has been due to their personal tactics.

It can't hurt to try it out but remember all the other tricks of Instagram

- Post consistently

- Using great pictures

- And great content.


Has this helped? What tricks help your Instagram engagement? Tell us below, or leave a comment on our Instagram page.

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