Ghana is about to get cleaner if the President has his way

Ghana is about to get cleaner if the President has his way

Most visitors to Ghana would agree in most areas, it is very clean but not clean enough apparently as President Nana Akufo-Addo has said 'Every Day Is Sanitation Day'.

He said this on Monday the 13th of November at the launch of the National Sanitation Campaign in the State House. According to him, since waste is generated every day, the citizens must also clean the environment every day, not just at the end of the month.

As charity begins at home, President Akufo-Addo noted that “we will commence with the Government business district, which covers the Presidency, Parliament House, the Ministries, and the Courts. We will focus on the ceremonial and arterial roads going in and out of the city, to ensure that they are regularly cleaned up.”

He indicated that every government department and agency, including the Seat of Government, is assigning two officers to be designated Sanitation Marshal and Deputy Marshal, to oversee compliance of their outfits and their staff to the laid down by-laws with regard to sanitation in their respective offices, and that Ministers, Chief Executives and Chief Directors of government departments and agencies will be held accountable for any lapses in the failure to comply with the directive.

He also added that “the heads of departments have one week within which to identify and assign these officers. The Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate must take steps to train these appointed officers on their new roles within one month of their appointment.”

He however pointed out that the government cannot be expected to do it alone and so he called on everyone, especially Chiefs and Queen Mothers, religious and opinion leaders, civil society organisations and private sector operators, to rise up to the challenge and help make a difference this time around.

How do they ensure this is properly carried out? Via a National Sanitation Brigade tasked with enforcing rules and regulations on sanitation.

“The personnel of this outfit would conduct regular visits to all offices to ensure that there is compliance and, where it so requires, take legal action against those infringing on the laws,” the president said.

It would not end with just offices and homes because with the quest for Accra to be cleanest city in Africa, the sanitation tasks will extend to "the airport, major hotels and shopping malls/centres, residential areas, and zongos, Central Business District, including the inner city periphery, markets and lorry parks, university campuses, schools and hospitals, and beaches and public places of entertainment and tourist centers are all going to elicit special attention.”


What do you think? Do countries need laws to ensure their cities stay clean? Let us know below!


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