Don't focus on 'likes', and other things we learnt from Stylvo's Creatives Connect Lagos

Don't focus on 'likes', and other things we learnt from Stylvo's Creatives Connect Lagos

On Saturday the 17th of June, Stylvo, a ‘Fashion company at the intersection of content and commerce founded by Elizabeth Laiza K, held the first of what it wants to be Creatives Connect Africa meet ups.

Themed, 'Digital influence and Entrepreneurship, speakers included beauty vlogger, Dimma Umeh (thatigbochick), Beauty and Style Entrepreneur, Dodos Uvieghara of I am Dodos, and a panel with Fashion Designer, Nwando Ebeledike and more.

5 or 10 years ago, people would have laughed off ‘vlogger’ or ‘influencer’ as viable vocations but in this day and age, they are two words a lot of people want to be associated with.

What then are the rules? The experiences that could help pave the way for others? The hits and the misses?

Here are some of the biggest lessons learnt at the event

  • Don’t focus on ‘likes’. Focus on impact and engagement

Noble Igwe, owner of Style-Vitae, spoke about how some people just don’t or won’t like you, and that is okay. Instead of wanting to be liked, work on being so good that they may not like you, but they can never deny how good you are.

And when it comes to social media platforms, remember that engagement is key. Some people view your posts but may not click on ‘like’ so focus more on your reach than actual likes.

  • Pick a niche. If you are multi-talented, explore different platforms

People follow you for a reason. Where you have diverse interests, group things that are similar together; so for example, you can have Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel, or Inspirational and Business…

And if all else fails, create a different page or blog for that.

  • Be consistent; the audience is not very forgiving when it comes to disappearing and re-appearing

Dimma spoke about taking a year off, and how things had changed when she came back in terms of her views. Going away or not being consistent is one quick fire way to lose your followers, plus, other blogs and channels will spring up during that time.

  • Be professional

It might be a creative business but that is not an excuse for unprofessionalism. Have a manager, or be your own manager till you can get one, send professional looking emails, and work with other professionals like lawyers.

  • Be yourself.

People can spot it when you are either being dishonest about the products you review, or about the brand image you project. You do not have to be cool, sexy, beautiful… you have to be YOU.

Creatives did connect, lessons were learnt, and now, there are a bunch of creatives out there ready to conquer the world and tell their stories.


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