ZimBorderguide: An app to ease duty stress at Zimbabwe's borders

ZimBorderguide: An app to ease duty stress at Zimbabwe's borders

For those who are big on importing or export goods, here is some good news for you; a new mobile app by ZimBorderGuide known as MyTaxmate helps with tax issues at the borders.

The MyTaxMate app has a number of utilities which include easy access to ZIMRA's e-services; a duty calculator; the tax payment calendar, Border related news and blogs; as well as tax tables. The app is only one of the many ZimBorderGuide tools which are used to bring together the government departments responsible for customs and immigrations into a single platform.

With the aid of a duty calculator, someone can easily know the duty of their goods prior rather than on site, thus helping individuals to budget enough money and not be stranded at the border.


Giving the app a spin, I noticed that the duty calculator was particularly designed for vehicles. I'm not sure if they intend on upgrading it with time so that it carters for even more goods. Nevertheless, the calculator is handy and fairly easy to use. All you need to do is enter the cost of the vehicle, the vehicle type (as in which class it belongs to e.g class 2) and lastly the year of manufacture. Thereafter, you can press the calculate button and the calculator will display the customs duty, VAT, Surtax, total payable tax and ultimately the vehicle's landing cost.

Besides the calculator, I also found the border news and blogs feature quite useful in increasing the knowledge base of users hence assisting them in making much more informed decisions. So not only will you know how much to budget for duty during the planning stage, but you will also be made aware of how the border is operating within the period you are interested in.

This is quite useful considering that there are cases where borders do not operate as usual. A good example is some time last year when a good number of people were greatly inconvenienced at the Beitbridge - South Africa border due to a shutdown they were not aware of. Had the App been available then, they would have probably known and postponed their trips. Other important updates could the information like SI 64 whose announcement meant certain goods could not be imported anymore.

See, generally people do not like digging for information. They actually prefer information that's both readily available as well as easy to access; and this is what the App seeks to do - make information available at the tip of people's fingers.

Hopefully, MyTaxMate will also be helpful in eliminating the greatest hassle associated with the Zimbabwean border: corruption! I say so because I believe that knowledgeable people are not easy to cheat or aimlessly toss around.

To get the app you need you'd need to first purchase the ZimBorderGuide e-book on their website, and they will send it to you for free.

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