Why VAR is the main talking point after Cameroun's loss to Chile

Why VAR is the main talking point after Cameroun's loss to Chile

You probably like your game like you like your meals- uninterrupted. That is why the VAR is the main talking point after Cameroun lost to Chile in the Confederations Cup final on Sunday June 18th.

Chile had dominated the game from the start, with plenty squandered chances, including Vargas not converting a good chance and Cameroun goal keeper, Ondua, being forced to a super save, so many are not surprised that the game ended in favour of Chile, with even the Camerounian manager, Broos saying, “I think we were a bit hesitant at the start, a bit afraid, because we knew we were playing against a very strong team.After about 20 minutes, we could have conceded three times. But after that we got much better and played very well in the second half. The first scoring opportunity for Chile was the goal after 80 minutes so, obviously, we are disappointed as far as the result is concerned but we can be very proud of our performance.”

He also believes his team is a young team that needs to mature.

What might also need to mature is our acceptance of VAR as seen by reactions from both players, fans and commentators yesterday.

VAR means Video Assistant Referee and according to FIFA, video assistant referees support the decision making process of referees. They are only used in the four game-changing situations and provide minimum interference with maximum benefit

The first time VAR came to play was in the first half when a goal not given due to offside position of the player Eduardo Vargas. Thinking he had scored, Vargas and his team-mates had begun to celebrate, which affected their reaction the second time Vargas scored; this time the opposite happened- their celebration was muted but their goal allowed. In the second half, some thought Arsenal player, Alexis Sanchez, had been offside but VAR determined he was not and the goal was allowed.

What are your thoughts? Will Video Assistant Referee be a game changer literally? Tweet and let us know!

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