The Society- An Introduction to Financial Freedom

The Society- An Introduction to Financial Freedom
Luyanda Mothiba

The Society is an evolved Stokvel aiming to dispel the misconception that the Stokvel type structure is for the elderly or low income earners, we are the modern day social savings fund/investor club aiming to bring together like minded youth to commit as a group,toward a common or shared savings goal.Providing education around the importance of saving and walking with you from the onset to the achievement of your shared investment goal. We are passionate about South Africa hoping to improve the current dire state of the lacking savings culture amongst us.
The Society provides a platform for the youth to come together and insure their future through planning and learning the importance of saving.We encourage and promote a culture of saving along with teaching responsibility through the commitment by members toward both the shared savings goal and other members.
The Society aids in the formation of investment clubs where young professionals use the current legislation as a means to house assets (shares, etf's, investment properties) and form business's. We use this as a means to tackle unemployment creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, through support services.
We are passionate about the future financial well being of the youth believing that through education around the importance of (a) budgeting (b) saving and (c) good financial habits, financial freedom is easily obtainable.With modern day society where the majority of the population is over indebted and living beyond their means. The Society aims to dispel the misconception or notion that debt is needed in order to survive.
One of the key principles of the original social saving clubs was a strong focus on the social aspect of saving, members would meet monthly to discuss their goals amongst the group.Celebrations were the order of the day upon the achievement of their savings goal by hosting parties, get together’ s or simply sharing the “celebration” funds between members.
The Society believes in the celebration of success and the achievement thereof,therefore we promote and facilitate the celebrations once the savings goal has been achieved.

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