(P)residant: Those who don't let go of power

(P)residant: Those who don't let go of power

"I call them 'les presidents residants' because they never want to leave power once in the seat." - Fabrice Monteiro, photographer, Dakar.

Senegalese photographer Fabrice Monteiro creates striking image series that reflect the baser sides of humanity. From terrifying visions of a world choked by garbage, to highly stylised and surreal portraits that address social issues such as slavery and genocide, Monteiro's work is not shy of challenging topics. His unique combination of documentary photography and fashion photography has led to the creation of parallel, dystopian worlds, but reflect realities that he believes we are already experiencing. In his most recent series, (P)residant, Monteiro presents African presidential characters who have taken up residence in the seat of power. We ...


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