Nigerian Youth Leader declares intention to run for President come 2019

Nigerian Youth Leader declares intention to run for President come 2019

How old is too old to be the President of a country, and how young is too young?

Whatever side you stand when it comes to the debate of age and politics, you probably wish in Africa, contestants for the role of presidency would be a decent age and have leadership ability.

In Nigeria, the issue of age and politics has always been an interesting one. Where the average age of Presidents has been 50 and leaders of 'Youth' Ministries have been about 50 as well, there has been a clamour for fresh and young candidates.


Now, a consulting guru and leadership coach, Fela Durotoye, is offering himself up as just what the nation needs.

In a post on social media on Thursday February 22nd, backed up by a Press Release and official pictures, the 46-year-old declared his intention to run officially with Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

“In line with our Values one of which is to ‘be a role model worthy of emulation’, I had to decide to get involved in the political arena rather than staying on the side-lines and only challenging others to go in,” he said.

“It is my hope that as I step unto the political scene, many more of our brightest and best will arise to heed our nation’s clarion call to contest for elective offices, win the elections, and most importantly collectively deliver good governance to our nation

“Therefore, to be clear, I am aspiring to contest as a Presidential Candidate in the 2019 General Elections. A lot of people have asked me ‘FD, what party will you be running on? Is it APC or PDP?’

“Whilst it is true that these parties may have formidable grassroots structures, I strongly doubt that these old parties with their old ideology (of God-Fatherism also known as Selectocracy, Rulership, Money Politricks etc) would be able to deliver to us a New Nigeria.

“And so, over the last few months, I have researched into several political parties to determine if their ideologies, vision and values resonate with those we share together on this Network.

“I am glad to announce that one party has resonated more with me than any other; sharing common ideology, principles, and a truly democratic internal process, that is open for all to aspire.

“The party that provides a level playing field for the best candidate to emerge at all levels of legislature and executive office. That party, ladies and gentlemen is the alliance for new Nigeria.


His intention to run has been well received, both by those for, against, and on the side-lines.

Those for him welcome a new face and legs to the race and are happy about the fact that he is young.

Those against say they want and welcome younger, fresher candidates but require proof of precedence and clear political ideology and plans.

Those on neither side are waiting to be convinced.

Whichever way it goes, it will make the 2019 Elections interesting.


Fela Durotoye is a graduate of University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), where he obtained his bachelor of science degree in Computer Science with Economics, as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration.

He is also an Alumnus of Kennedy School of Government Executive Education program of Harvard University, Boston (Massachusetts) as well as  Yale University, New Haven (Connecticut), where he attended ‘High Impact Leadership for a Better Society Program’, and The Leadership Institute, Arlington (Virginia) all in the United States of America. He is also a certified leadership coach of the John Maxwell Team.

In 2015, Fela completed the Executive Seminar program on Strategy, Innovation and Governance with specific focus on Sustainability for NGOs and Corporate Organizations at Lagos Business School (LBS).

Also in 2015, Fela concluded the supernumerary police training program at the Nigerian Police Training School Ikeja and received the Distinguished Student Award at his graduation and passing out parade.


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