Nasty C and the BET ‘Glitch’

Nasty C and the BET ‘Glitch’

In this week’s installment of awkward news, Nasty C may or may not win a BET award at this coming weekend’s ceremony. This comes after a leaked screenshot on the official BET website prematurely named him the winner of the Best International Act: Africa. Naturally, a number of news sites congratulated the 20 year old on being the first South African Hip Hop artist to earn the accolade. Not long after that, BET took down the post and issued an apology to all artists who had been affected by the ‘glitch’. Eek.


For any other artist this would only be a slight embarassment but for Nasty C who has been tangled in a number of award related controversies partially because of his association with his record label Mabala Noise, some of which were dismissed fake news and others which have had more than just a sliver of truth to them. Add to that that incident with the premature announcement involving Roc Nation which was never mentioned again – Nasty C’s name gets into these kind of pickles more often than anyone would enjoy.


Perhaps administrative scandal ridden stardom comes with the territory of being a celebrity of rockstar proportions in the 21st century or maybe someone in his camp needs to do more to protect the young star from this kind of drama. The young man is talented but lately everytime he shows up on our tv screens it has become difficult to separate the talented artist from all the politics that he is tied to.


Best of luck to him and the other African stars nominated for BET’s. We’ll be watching to see whether the glitch was exactly that or a prophecy of sorts. #Kwesefied


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