Meet Elizabeth Achieng of Ukulima Tech

Meet Elizabeth Achieng of Ukulima Tech

Elizabeth Achieng (brown trousers), is the 27-year-old CEO of Ukulima Tech. Ukulima Tech designs, develops and installs vertical farm systems, tower gardens, and garden automation systems that require minimal inputs of water, labor, and land area.

Elizabeth and her five siblings were raised in a two-bedroom flat by their mother, a school teacher.

Money was always in short supply and sometimes Elizabeth - the only girl - would have to beg and borrow from neighbours or shopkeepers to feed her brothers while her mother was away.

They were not able to grow their own food because they lived in Nairobi where available land is already ear-marked for high rise buildings and commercial property.

As a result, she developed a deep passion for food security.

It also led her to start Ukulima Tech in 2015 with friends from Technical University of Kenya where she got a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Brenda Ann is the company’s administration manager.

Hansel Wangara - an aeronautical engineer - handles the technical aspects of the business along with Ronald Kimei.

Ukulima Tech is now one of the startups hosted at the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre in Nairobi.

One of the ways in which Ukulima Tech plans to revolutionize farming is by use of an automated irrigation system. Elizabeth and her team have developed an application which is installed on a client’s phone.

The application uses GSM networks or Bluetooth to control a pump that is part of their vertical garden/farm system.

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