Inspirational Ciiru Waweru of FunKidz

Inspirational Ciiru Waweru of FunKidz

A few Mondays in a year we need to read a thought provoking motivational story just to get our fires burning again when we feel like we are running out of steam.


I came across Ciiru Waweru on the Internet and was incredibly impressed by her resume. A lot of creative minds, myself included sometimes come across naysayers who don’t think our ideas are good enough or that we should pick a conventional career and stick to it. It’s therefore a breath of fresh air when you read about people like Ciiru who have done so much in one lifetime and excelled in every single project they have put their minds and energy into.


Ciiru is the founder of FunKidz, a furniture store based in Nairobi that specializes on children’s furniture, from bunk beds to children’s desks to baby cots. Her furniture, unlike a majority of the furniture produced in Kenya in the jua kali industry (informal sector) is flat packable, made with computer controlled cutting machines and printers. Her special business ingredient is that her quality control team is made up of her two young children.


I put together a list of all of Ciiru’s amazing achievements, I think after reading it, you will understand why I am so impressed by this phenomenal woman.


  1. She graduated from The University of Glasgow in Interior Architecture.
  2. She set up FunKidz, a children’s furniture brand that currently retails in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.
  3. Before setting up FunKidz, she set up an interior architecture company called Amber Africa, which she simultaneously ran with her fashion brand called Dawn of Creation for 11 years.
  4. She believes in empowering young African people and mentors the youth through the Junior Achievement Programme.
  5. Michelle Obama personally gave her a shout out at the 2016 united State of Women Summit for being a phenomenal entrepreneur influencing her society while running a successful business.
  6. She is a member of Rotary International and is a past president of The Rotary Club of Muthaiga.
  7. She has been invited to several international conferences to speak on entrepreneurship and empowerment by companies like Facebook, UN Women and Goldman Sachs.


Are you an African doing phenomenal things in your society or know someone who fits that description, please share your story by e-mailing me at

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