The Divorce Tour With Trevor Gumbi

The Divorce Tour With Trevor Gumbi
Justine Abrahams

Comedians collect content for their shows through the lives they live.  Their experiences; good and bad form some of the most rip roaring laughter we’ve ever experienced. It’s usually relatable content that binds us together and leaves us feeling relieved to know that ultimaltey we're all human and if we laugh at ourselves the journey through life can be quite blissful. 

With the current high rate of divorce in South Africa and as time has passed, we have become a more accustomed generation and the word ‘divorce’ no longer holds a negative/shameful connotation as it did previously. South African comedian, writer and actor, Trevor Gumbi, who recently announced his own separation after 11 years of marriage, wants to talk openly about this previously ‘taboo’ subject.

Trevor opened up about the split rsaying even though they announced to the world just recently, he and  his ex wife Lucille had broken up some time ago. 

"We have been separated for sometime, learning to co-parent and ensure a smooth transition of circumstances for the sake of our children. We decided to not make our separation public, until we were able to successfully manage the process, which we now have," Trevor explained in a statement published on his Instagram.

His new one man show titled ‘Divorce Tour’ is the modern day love story which tells the tale of a 37-year-old recovering addict and father, who, in a short space of time, has battled drug addiction, found love, created life, filed for bankruptcy, won it all and lost it all before the age of 35. A story not many people know, but can relate to.

The outspoken and often controversial comedian will tap into various gritty aspects of this new chapter of his life, including some socially uncomfortable topics such as ‘what is left of life?’, ‘What is there still to be done?’, ‘Are there any experiences still to be had?’ and finding his feet as a bachelor after 11 years of marriage and 17 years overall of dating the same woman.“I’ve always been honest with my material, speaking my truth and about situations that have contributed to me being me. This is no different, I feel now is the right time for me to tell this story and I want to tell it on my own terms.”  Trevor says frankly. 

The first leg of the ‘Divorce Tour’ will take place on Saturday, 4 November 2017 at The Globe, Silverstar Casino, Johannesburg, with supporting act, Ebenhaezer Dibakwane.

Tickets range between R185 – R200 and can be purchased from Computicket , the show will continue in 2018 making its way to different cities across South Africa (dates to be announced)

*Watch a clip of Trevor's Comedy below ( Content may offend sensitive views)

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