Davido is back to highlife basics on “Flora My Flawa”

Davido is back to highlife basics on “Flora My Flawa”
Debola Abimbolu
It’s that time of year when artists try to exploit their charm to tap some of the love in the air, without it feeling forced, corny, or repetitive. Davido’s latest single, “Flora My Flawa” is yet another romantic score from the singer who is returning to highlife for the first time since signing an international distribution deal with SONY. Davido casually shows off poetic songwriting, when he sings “If Nothing Lasts Forever, Me And You Go Be Nothing Forever”. The accompanying video represents this motif as Davido performs on TV for the ‘Flora’, while giving a glimpse at their future lives together, 30 years from now. See Davido in “Flora My Flawa” below Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DavidoVEVO You are meeting Debola at a strange time in his life. He wandered into a dream and lost his way back. Tweet at him @debola abimbolu
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