Botswana's Youngest Philanthropist Gets An Award From The Queen

Botswana's Youngest Philanthropist Gets An Award From The Queen
Lumka Liwela

While most people only figure out what they want to do with their lives much later, some are gifted with passion and vision way ahead of their years. At the tender age of 5 Gogontlejang ‘GG’ Phaladi became the Founder and Executive Director of the Gogontlejang Phaladi Pillar of Hope Project.

 Phaladi’s admirable non-profit organization has a broad mandate that focuses on philanthropy, humanitarian work, community building, human rights advocacy as well as issues of child protection and violence against women and girls. 18 years later the NPO is still a success and impactful across the globe.  Phaladi’s work will be honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the 10th Commonwealth Point of Light award recipient. The award will recognize Botswana’s youngest philanthropist for her advocacy in gender equality and human rights. Next week she will receive the prestigious award at the High Commission’s Office in Botswana’s capitol Gaborone.

During an interview with a Botswana youth website, Phaladi once stated that she is driven by her faith in God. “I nearly lost my mom not once but twice and on the second incident we were told that she is dead. Philanthropic work is my way of showing my gratitude to God for preserving my mom’s life past our adversities. Also for all that I have in my life which are privileges.”

Through her organisation Phaladi has started a mentorship program for young girls, called ‘ She Is My Inspiration’. The program aims to encourage young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to become leaders and strive for a better future.

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