Being Mary Jane Comes To An End, Check out our Favourite Looks

Being Mary Jane Comes To An End, Check out our Favourite Looks

It’s been announced that after four seasons of Being Mary Jane, the hit BET show will not be returning for a fifth season. To bid it adieu, the network will be producing a 2 hour long Being Mary Jane movie. Now that’s a good compromise. Looking back on the show, along with Mary Jane’s messy romantic life and hood family problems, what stood out was her wardrobe - her work closet puts all of us to shame. From her iconic coral bag from season 1, Mary Jane hardly ever got a foot wrong when stepping out. 

She also rocked a lot of red throughout the seasons and the colour has never looked better than on Gabrielle’s rich cocoa brown skin. Iconic!


Mary Jane’s dresses always had the best necklines. Our personal favourite was this little white dress - it’s the kind that announces “I’m here and I’m important”.


Nothing says “I am the lead actress on a prime time TV show” like a statement neckpiece. 

One of the most iconic bags to ever bless our screens was the coral carry-all bag Mary Jane carried all her emotional baggage in during one of the episodes of season one. 



With or without sleeves, Mary Jane gave us COATS! The yellow blazer still graces many a Pinterest board for it's bold colour and chic cut.



Mary Jane already had one helluva figure but she still rocked the slimming trend. Her stripes game is unmatched.



Gabrielle Union never disappoints in a chick-flick. We loved her on Deliver us from Eva, Bring it on and Two can play that game - we can't wait to see her on the Being Mary Jane movie too. #Kwesefied


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